The times, they are a changin’

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For the loser now 
Will be later to win

For the times they are a-changin’. -Bob Dylan

You’ll find plenty of news reports about our rising housing market, but how does that spell out in neighborhoods? See the anecdotal comparisons below for some real-life context.

2014: I listed a Kirkland home for $429,000 and had to lower the price three times. It finally sold 61 days later for $357,000.
2017: The exact same home a few doors down was listed yesterday for $500,000.

2015: I helped a buyer score an awesome condo in downtown Kirkland for less than the list price. It was listed at $399,000 and sold for $380,000. It had two bedrooms and was over 1100 square feet.
2017: A one-bedroom condo in downtown Kirkland hit the market yesterday for $490,000. It has one bedroom and is only 728 square feet.

2016: I listed a lovely four- bedroom house in Kirkland with 2800 square feet for $899,000. We received only one offer but it sold for $915,000.
2017: I listed an almost identical Kirkland home a few blocks away for $999,000. Twelve offers later, it sold for $1,210,000.

Down the block…

2014: I thought my seller was nuts when he wanted to list his Kirkland home for $860,000. Turns out I was right because it took 107 days to sell. The final price was $791,000 and the seller had to contribute $2,000 towards buyer’s closing costs, making it a net offer of $789,000.
2017: The exact same house two doors down just sold for $899,000.

2016: I sold a cute four-bedroom split level home in Kirkland for $840,000. Less than six months later the same home a few doors up sold for $893,000.
2017: A split level a few blocks away with only three bedrooms sold for $925,000.

….a year later. What a difference!

Boy, have times changed! You probably understand this from reading about local housing trends, but it can feel very different when you are personally selling or searching for a home.  Don’t go it alone! I can help you navigate this ever-changing market so you get the most bang for your buck.


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One Comment

  1. Venus Pettersen says:

    You definitely got our listing price right. Who would’ve thought the house we bought in 2013 would sell for $145k more in 2017?

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