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| Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011 | 2 Comments »

Sometimes the best way to come up with a good idea is to simply start chatting with a colleague. Those of you that know me know that I excel at chatting so it’s not surprising that I find myself doing it quite often. Today at a marketing meeting (otherwise known as a wonderful lunch sitting on the outdoor patio with my good pal Erin from Northwest Title) we began talking about how sometimes being good at marketing means solving people’s problems. One problem we came up with that a potential homebuyer might run into is wanting to find out information on a home but not wanting to contact an agent. Not that agents are bad people but if you contact one you do run the risk of getting on their mailing list and before you know it you are getting postcards, letters, emails and monthly newsletters all because you wanted to know how much your neighbor’s house was selling for and there weren’t any flyers in the flyer box! Or maybe you want to know more detailed information that you can’t find on a flyer like how long a home has been on the market or whether its bank owned or a short sale. What if you could simply text the address or the MLS along with your question and simply get an answer. That’s it. No monthly mailers, no e-newsletters, no phone calls, and more importantly, no calendars with the agent’s picture. The answer to your question, end of story.

Well now you can! For only $19.95 plus shipping and handling…just kidding. No seriously, if you drive by a house and want info all you have to do is text me. I will answer your question promptly and never contact you again unless you ask me to. I just want you to get the information you need without any strings attached. Even if you are not in the market and are just being nosey, I don’t care. It takes me just a few moments to look up the info and get back to you. And honestly, have you seen me text? I can do it with my eyes closed with one hand tied behind my back. I love to look up houses and you love answers. It’s a win-win. Just another way that Cara in the House is creating happy people. One text at a time.

Here’s my number: 206.919.2505. Put me in your contacts as Cara in the House. Or Best Real Estate Agent Ever. I’ll let you decide.

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  1. hannah says:

    I’ll went with “Best Real Estate Agent Ever”… all programmed in.

  2. Holly Moe says:

    Amen – Best Real Estate Agent Ever!!!

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