Rah Rah Windermere!

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Today was day number 1 of the 2010 Windermere Symposium. I must say that as far as all-day seminars go, this one was pretty top notch. The setting was classy (McCaw Hall), the food and coffee were delish and the information was valuable. I know you are thinking this is great and all but why do I care? Here are 2 good reasons to care.

First off, it was announced that the Windermere website now has a new feature allowing you to search not only by city but also by neighborhood. I know this will come in handy for those of you that are dying to live in Laurelhurst (and not Wedgwood or Sand Point or Maple Leaf). Now you don’t have to search the entire city of Seattle and weed through all the listings until you find the one in your dream neighborhood. Simply type in the neighborhood you fancy and have at it!

The other bonus to you is that there is now a Windermere mobile app. On your phone’s browser type in www.Windermere.com. It will automatically ask for your location (say yes!) and then give you the option of allowing you to have this icon on your phone (say yes!) Try it! I just did and of course had to try the “search for an agent” option to make sure I came up (I did). In the near future there will be an option for open houses so at any given time you can see what listings are open and when. And if you have the new iPhone 4 you can put this app in its own folder with all your other real estate apps and name the folder Real Estate. But that’s just me.

And speaking of me, here’s what I learned. Good news: every household knows 4 other households that move each year. That means each of my friends and family knows at least 4 other friends and family that will need real estate services every year. Bad news: each household knows 10 real estate agents. Bottom line: capitalize on the motivation and information from today to work hard and be at the top of that list of 10! Well that plus figure out why there were people who wore their Bluetooth earpieces during the entire 8 hour session when cell phones were required to be on silent. Maybe we learn that on day 2.

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