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If reading the title of this post has caused the song to get stuck in your head, I apologize. It’s stuck in mine too! If you don’t know this song do not click on the link otherwise I guarantee you will be singing it for at least the next hour. Any who, I have come to realize that my blog posts usually stem from some experience or situation I’ve been in which is why they are sometimes far and few between; quality not quantity. So here is how this post came about.

I was on my annual vacation to Lake Chelan at my annual visit to the Lakeview Drive-In waiting in line for my annual cheeseburger, shake and fry meal in the blazing hot sun when I started eavesdropping on the dad and his young son in line behind me. The son was asking to play on his dad’s phone (something I can relate to) and the dad told him he didn’t have his phone with him (something I couldn’t relate to!) The boy then asked what he could do while he waited in line and the dad had a great answer and explanation. He told him sometimes you have to experience boredom because if you are always wanting something you can never be happy. There were also some other fatherly tips about using your imagination and not having electronics when he was his age but the overall gist was that being bored is sometimes a good thing.

I of course immediately snatched my phone out of my son’s hand and began engaging in real conversation and experimenting with using our imagination. I told my son to think for a few minutes and then describe the meanest monster he could imagine. A few seconds later he said “you.”

Then I thought about how this related to real estate. How many times do people feel the need to move because they are bored with their current house or their neighborhood? Well, not all of us have the luxury of being bored with our homes but there are some that do (lucky them). Maybe if we see another housing boom we will see an increase of moving just because we can or because we’re bored. That would sure be good for business. But for now, if you are bored with your house but aren’t able to move, try using your imagination. Maybe buy a cool piece of furniture or get some new artwork for the walls. One time I hired an interior decorator to redo my home office and it’s still my favorite room in the house. Finish painting the bathroom or strip that ugly wallpaper you’ve been meaning to get to or frame some of your kid’s art work (perhaps a picture of the meanest monster they could dream up which might turn out to be you!) Then one day when you realize you really do have the luxury of buying a different home, call me. I promise it won’t be boring!

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  1. Lisa Kieffer says:

    Good one Cara!

  2. LB says:

    You mean monster! Hilarious.

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