Home buying thrill ride: buckle up!

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Want to know what buying a home is like? Go to the airport, get on a plane, land at LAX, drive to Disneyland, walk through the gates to California Adventure and get on that giant roller coaster called California Screamin’. Now you know. Buying a home can have many twists and turns and ups and downs. Just like a daring roller coaster, some enjoy the ride and others want to hurl.

The anticipation of waiting to find out if your offer was accepted is a little like the slow climb to the top of the roller coaster. Because once it’s accepted it’s GO TIME! Navigating the inspection, appraisal and loan process is twisty, turny, bumpy and can be scary. But do you want to know what the biggest fear is for a lot of buyers? What really makes them want to close their eyes and hang on tight? It’s wondering what kind of shape the house will be in when they finally get their keys. After that heart pumping roller coaster ride the last thing a buyer wants is to see is a dirty house or the seller’s belongings left behind for them to deal with.

How clean is clean? While it is not written in the offer that a home must pass a white glove test, it is common courtesy to give the home a deep clean. A buyer doesn’t want to walk in to see a dirty toilet or a sticky refrigerator. They don’t want to pull up and see the grass ankle-high with weeds everywhere. As an agent, I am happy to recommend cleaning and landscaping companies but I understand that is not always feasible. What I do ask is for sellers to put themselves in the buyer’s shoes and think about what they would expect when they walk into their new home.

Sellers often forget to take the garage door opener out of their car and typically walk away with at least one house key, but leaving items on purpose is flat out not OK. Even if a seller thinks a buyer wants their 500-pound concrete planter on the front porch, it is important they ask the buyer’s permission. Just because something is heavy does not grant you permission to leave it. Unless it is attached or bolted down it’s gotta go! My advice to sellers:  check before you say goodbye to your house for good and then double check ten more times. You are bound to forget something! Some of my favorite forgotten items from this year alone are: a marriage license, kids’ teeth (lots of them), the 500-pound concrete planter and mouse traps. Because nothing says welcome home like “we used to have a mice problem.”

If you are thinking of buying a home, call me. I can help take the scariness out of this roller coaster ride!

Bring it on! I can handle anything in my path. That’s why my family puts me in front on these rides and why I can best lead you through your real estate transaction.


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