Holiday survival 1-2-3

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My first thought for this post was to provide a comprehensive overview of fun holiday activities for you and your family.  But who am I kidding?  You can find and ignore that information anywhere.  I’ve got the truly useful details below…


<– don’t forget to read the Elf’s note!


1.   Make a list. Check it twice. It’s so important to plan ahead to avoid any last minute headaches. Also find out who’s naughty or nice so you can get the naughty ones something extra.

2.   Avoid Costco when they open. And when they close. Also avoid Costco during the day and evening. Pay your neighbor to do your Costco shopping. Ditto for ToysRUs.

3.   Tell your spouse you will do all the gift wrapping and in return they can figure out the different hiding spots for the Elf on the Shelf.  This will allow for you to get a good night sleep instead of waking up in a panic that you didn’t hide the damn elf.

4.   Visit only holiday attractions with good parking.

5.   Make sure you go ice skating at the Downtown Bellevue Park. You can park at the mall and walk over (see number 4). It’s the next best thing to ice skating at Rockefeller Center and way easier on the pocketbook.

6.   Pick a cause or two and donate. Adopt a family, help serve hot meals, visit the Humane Society and accidentally leave with a dog and a cat, or donate food and gifts to Hopelink. Giving is truly better than receiving. It’s also a good lesson if you have children. Or a husband who likes expensive gifts.

7.   Give yourself permission to give gift cards and do as much online shopping as possible. Even if you wait until the 11th hour, Amazon will have you covered.

8.   Plan a fun night out with friends. Use this as intel to figure out what they are getting their family and friends and then copy them.

9.   Bake cookies, watch a good ol’ holiday movie and maybe sing a carol or two. Remember, there’s nothing that great about January or February so enjoy this time.

10. Think about your friends and family who may want to buy or sell a house next year and tell them all about me. #referralsarethebestgift  #newyearsresolution

Get out there and make the most of December. You can cocoon in January!


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  1. Crystal says:

    #8 is the best idea!! Name the time and place. 🙂

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