Give me a T, give me an A…

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What does that spell? Tacoma! Congratulations Tacoma for being named the city that will show the most growth over the next 2 years. Yes, Tacoma was the number one city on the list and the its residents can expect to see a 25% increase in prices by the spring of 2013. Way to go T-town!

Also worth mentioning…according to Money Magazine, 3 other Washington cities appeared on their list of best places to live. The list was based on job opportunities, fiscal strength, schools, safe streets, cultural activities and nice weather (wait, they did see our March through July weather right?) Anyway, can you name them? If you said Mukilteo (#3), Sammamish (#15) and Newcastle (#18) you are a big winner, winner chicken dinner! Literally I will take you out for chicken dinner if you guessed those.

In all seriousness, things are looking good for the housing market in our area. If you are considering a move or suddenly feel the need to relocate to Tacoma, Mukilteo, Sammamish or Newcastle, let me know! I can help!

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