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Due to Seattle recently being named the 3rd coolest city in the nation, I thought I would head across the water and feature a charming brick home that is totally what I picture when I think “cool Seattle home.”

This home has the best of both worlds: old school charm from the outside yet modern and updated inside.  It has ample living space including a mother-in-law with separate entrance (note: bonus points for anyone who can tell me why its called a mother-in-law.) Or forget your mother-in-law and find a renter to make extra income. Sometimes garages are a rarity in older Seattle homes but here you not only have a 2 car garage but extra storage space as well (also a rarity). It’s also priced well and in a great area. Wait, scratch that…it’s in a COOL area!

Please let me know if you or someone you know is interested.

This week’s featured listing: charming Seattle home

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  1. Hannah says:

    Tell me why they are called a mother-in-law! I’m guessing the obvious answer is not correct. Will you start referring to them as a granny-flat in your listings please. I like that. Now, please tell me quick!

  2. Allison says:

    I found an answer.
    A mother-in-law apartment is a small apartment accessory to a primary residence. Alternative names include “granny flat”, “granny suite””in-law suite”, and “accessory apartment”, the first being used primarily in Australia and Britain, where it is the most familiar of these terms, but also in parts of the United States. Such apartments are frequently used to accommodate an elderly relative who is not capable of living on their own, but is not ready for a nursing home environment or other similar facility.

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