Autumn, ready or not!

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rsz_pumpkins-1432736_1280Fall is notoriously a busy time for everyone. New school year, new routine, new weather, new holidays on the horizon… it’s bound to make you feel stressed. Say goodbye to those long, lazy dog days of summer—it’s time to hit the ground running!  Back by popular demand is a Cara in the House Top 10 list featuring the best ways to survive October.


What Would Cara Do? — Autumn Edition

1. Ignore the Christmas decorations. For now. Who cares that Costco replaced the tent and lawn chair section with ribbons and bows? It doesn’t mean you have to start Christmas shopping. Unless you want to. And if you do start please don’t brag about it to me because I rather enjoy the pressure of getting my shopping done on December 23.

2.  If you don’t already, now is a fabulous time to start exercising regularly. This does not mean you need to train for a competition or race or event. Just block out some time in your schedule. If you look at my calendar it says “meeting” every Wednesday and Friday at 9:30. Don’t tell my clients but that really means “gym.”

3.  Take at least one walk where you get to crunch some awesome fallen leaves. That is just downright fun and festive.

4. Start a new fall show. For me its This is Us. Its AH-MAZING. Well, at least the first episode was.

5. Order pizza. When the kids have one thing after another or you’re busy at work, don’t feel guilty ordering pizza a couple nights a month (and by month I mean week.)

6. Think of new ways to market yourself. Wait, sorry that really applies to me. But if you have good ideas, please send them to me! The less time I have to think about marketing means the more time I have for all the fall shows (wish I was kidding.) Seriously do you watch The Goldbergs? Modern Family? Not sure how it’s possible that there are people who don’t!

7. Establish a routine. Whether it’s your work routine, homework routine, workout routine, or show watching routine you’d be surprised how much more productive you will be when you have a good routine. Need help with a routine? I suggest calling the amazing life coach Sheila Storrer pronto! She’s incredibly good at what she does. Check her out at

8. Cliché alert: take a deep breath and enjoy this glorious season. No, in all seriousness my Apple Watch sends me a reminder a couple times a day to breathe. Some days I actually need that reminder.

9. Bake something fall-like. I baked apple crisp two weeks ago and am still patting myself on the back. My house smelled like all kinds of fall! (Sorry, Mom, if you are reading this: I know you actually made it but it was at my house…so really it’s the same as me making it.)

10. Call me if you are thinking of buying or selling a home or property – or if know someone who is then send them my way! Just not at 9:30 am on Wednesdays and Fridays because I have a meeting.


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  1. I LOVE this!

    Your blogs always provide me with excellent nuggets of info while making me LOL like crazy.

  2. Claire Dingle says:

    Great blog and such great advice! When do you plan on making your next apple crisp!

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