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It’s fall, there are leaves everywhere and nobody’s yard is in tip top shape these days. Well, except a few of you devoted, obsessive yard types or those of you lucky enough to have a landscape crew. So, how do you keep your curb appeal going strong during these endless days of rain, wind and possibly snow? No really, how is that even possible? I’m going to throw out a few ideas that I came up with.

First of all, have some nice potted plants on your door step or porch. Hopefully a prospective buyer’s eyes will go directly to them and not your Japanese Maple that looks dead and discolored. There are plenty of winter plants out there to put in pretty pots (here’s where I would normally put some examples only I’m not really a plant person…go ask the folks at Molbaks).

Keep your yard free of leaves. Pay your kids to go rake them or invest in a blower. It really does make a difference. The other day I showed a home where the yard was freshly mowed with zero leaves on the ground and my client made a comment about its nice curb appeal. Of course it helped that every other yard on the street was cluttered with leaves so it really made this yard shine.

Pull out any dead plants or shrubs. It can be quite an eye sore for some buyers. Also keep everything trimmed as best you can. Overgrown yards are not nice to look at and it makes for a bad first impression.

Keep driveways, walkways and decks clear of pine needles. Aren’t those the worst? They get all over everything and stick to your shoes. Sometimes they can be slippery and I can tell you right now a buyer does not want to slip and fall while walking up to your home. Can you imagine?

Curb appeal is important. My last client said if it weren’t for the nice curb appeal she wouldn’t have even gone into the home and guess what, they ended up making an offer! So don’t neglect the outside of your home these next few months or buyers might drive right on by.

If you have any other ideas to help with curb appeal, post them in the comments section!

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  1. Holly Moe says:

    Great ideas. WE are one of the obsessed and these ideas help even that type. 😉

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