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Share the Love!

| April 12th, 2016 | 10 Comments »

rsz_20160322_103933Recently it occurred to me that I have the power to make a difference. Don’t we all? But I wanted to do something that was recurring and not just a one-time thing. So, starting in 2016 I made the decision to stop sending thousands and thousands of neighborhood postcards each quarter and instead channel funds to charity. Thus began the “Share the Love “ campaign.

I surveyed all my 2015 clients and referrers, asking them to choose between three charities that are near and dear to me: Hopelink Pantry Packs, Special Olympics and Pasado’s Safe Haven for Animals. The response has been great, and it was fun allocating funds to the charities based on my clients’ “votes.”

It gave me a great deal of satisfaction to make a substantial donation to Pantry Packs, an organization that feeds food-insecure students in Lake Washington School District. A Hopelink Pantry Packs Volunteer Lead told me that, “these funds will keep nearly 15 students in Lake Washington School District from going hungry during weekends next month.”

Special Olympics and Pasado’s also received generous donations, and all three will receive more: Going forward all clients and folks who are kind enough to refer me will get to choose where my closing donation will go (see my new webpage). I am so excited to be helping these organizations that do so much good! Now I’m not just Cara in the House, I’m Cara in the kitchen, Cara in the shelter, and Cara on the field. And the more houses I sell, the more I donate!

Here are some great photos of one of my favorite kids doing what he loves thanks to Special Olympics! Thank you all for helping me do what I love.



Season of Giving

| November 17th, 2014 | No Comments »

IMG_2918Tis the season of spending and eating and rushing and shopping and drinking and overindulging. Yes, it’s upon us again. And I can tell because there’s holiday music on the radio and Christmas aisles in the stores. I can also tell because the market is beginning its seasonal slow down (but don’t worry it will be back with a bang in February). It’s also the season of giving, and I’m a big believer in helping others. I wanted to take a moment to reflect on some of the ways Cara in the House has helped the community this year.

Youth athletics and arts:

Cara has been in the dugout, the theatre, the basketball court and on the football field this year. When I’m not cheering on my own kids you can find me in high school football and basketball programs, in the play programs at several Kirkland schools and as a board member for Kirkland American Little League. I feel that kids (and parents, speaking from experience!) gain so much from participating in group community activities, and I’m happy to support their hard work.

Pantry Packs and Kirkland Nourishing Network:

Cara in the pantry. Because kids should not go hungry, I am donating a portion of my November and December commissions to these hardworking charities. I will be packing and donating food boxes to help some of the neediest kids in Kirkland over Thanksgiving break through the Kirkland Nourishing Network. I will also be donating funds to purchase supplies for Pantry Packs, which helps keep hungry kids fed in the Lake Washington School District when free and reduced lunches are not available during weekends and school breaks. This great program is now part of Hopelink. To learn more contact Jennifer Knittle Rose at

Food Lifeline:

Cara on the assembly line. This great organization has been coming up with creative ways to end hunger since 1979. My family and I helped pack donated food and sported some very stylish hair nets (you’ll notice I left out the photo of myself wearing one)! If you want to help, visit

Pasado’s Safe Haven:

Cara on the farm. This amazing animal protection organization is dedicated to ending animal cruelty, and I happily donate to the cause. For ways you can help visit

Little Bit:

Cara on the horse. This is a charity I have been supporting since I was young. With the use of horses they strive to improve the bodies, minds and spirits of children and adults who have disabilities. As a former special education teacher, I know how important their work is and I continue to support it. To find out more visit

Even when the holiday madness dies down and the market heats up again I will be actively contributing to these great causes. If you know of a local charity that could use my help I would love to hear about it!

Cara in the House sponsorship

Things are looking up, up and away!

| December 14th, 2011 | 1 Comment »

I’m no economist. I also sometimes have every intention of reading  the Wall Street Journal online but accidentally go to Facebook instead.This doesn’t mean I don’t know a thing or two about the economy which, in my option, is slowly heading in the right direction. I feel like I should insert a disclaimer here because I know most of what I’m about to tell you is not based on any real facts or statistics, just my own personal research. Here’s what I mean:

Have you been to the mall at all since Thanksgiving? If you have you probably had as much trouble as I did finding a parking spot and maneuvering around the busy stores. You probably also stood in very long lines at the food court (or if you were at Bellevue Square you stood in a very long line at either PF Changs or the Cheesecake Factory). To me this means that people are spending money and that’s a good sign.

Have you paid attention to all the vacations people are taking lately? If you haven’t been on Facebook you might be clueless but I swear every time I get on Facebook (ok, not every time because that would literally be a massive amount) I read people’s status updates talking about their vacations. To me this means people have a little extra money to spend and that’s another good sign.

Jobs are back in style. The unemployment rate (according to the Seattle Times and not my own research) has dropped to the lowest point since February of 2009. And to me, that is the most critical piece and probably the best sign of all.

So to recap, lots of people are spending money at the malls, eating out in restaurants, taking vacations and working. They are also buying houses (thank you to all my wonderful clients), donating to charities and participating in more recreational activities. Unless I’m living in some kind of weird bubble, I’m sure you have noticed the same. So let’s keep up the good spending, I mean let’s keep up the good work! I love blogging about good news.

Happy Holidays!


Tis the season…for thinking of others!

| December 4th, 2011 | 4 Comments »

I have truly been inspired by some of your Christmas spirit this holiday season. I have also doubled over with laughter. Let me explain…

First we have Sonia: friend, former co-worker, and Cara in the House client. She and her sister have decided to spread holiday cheer by performing one random act of kindness a day from December 1st to Christmas Eve. Every day they post a picture and describe their random act of kindness. Here they are on Day #3 bringing gifts to the Sunrise Children’s Home in Arizona. And their good cheer is spreading…a lady overheard them talking about their random acts and gave them $10 to contribute towards the giving! I’m looking forward to seeing what these 2 lovely ladies will think of over the next few weeks.

Next we have Windermere Real Estate. Again, they have outdone themselves in only a way that a true family-owned company who truly cares about their employees and their community can do. This past Saturday, the 5 Windermere offices owned by the Deasy family met at the Factoria Target. 100 agents were paired with a child from a low income family and were given a $175 gift card to help them purchase gifts for their family. The kids arrived at 8 am with smiles and their lists. When the shopping was done, the other agents helped wrap, tag and box up their gifts while providing Christmas treats, activities and free Santa pictures. It was an experience I’ll never forget.

Next up is 180 Degrees Chiropractic in downtown Redmond. Even though their doors have been open less than a month, they are raising money for Hopelink. From now until December 23rd, they are offering $50 for a first visit (exam and x-rays) and every penny they collect will go to Hopelink to help local families in need. Call to make your appointment: (425) 636-8354.

Last but not least is Sheila: friend, Cara in the House client and co-founder of Tale of Two Elves. This facebook page was created by two ladies who are friends on facebook but have never actually met in person. This hilarious page (you should definitely like it by clicking here) shows the elf from the book “Elf on the Shelf” on various adventures in Seattle and Chicago. Thank you for giving me the gift of laughter! Here he is in one of my favorite poses!

However you are giving back this holiday season, I want to say thank you. “No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted.” -Aesop

If you have a charity or tradition that you would llike to share, please consider leaving a comment below. Happy Holidays!