Why Windermere?

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I have a new address. Email that is. I am now a Windermere agent working out of the Yarrow Bay office. I am more than excited about the move and can’t wait to see what this next year brings! Why Windermere? I think this quote sums it up: “Windermere is like the Nordstrom of real estate companies.”

That quote came out of one of my many interviews that I did over the last two weeks and I could not agree more. Surprisingly, it was said by a non-Windermere employee! Everything about the company is classy, including the statistics. Last year Windermere had the highest market share on the eastside (by number of transactions) with 33% representing sellers and 25% representing buyers (houses and condos under $1,000,000). The second highest company had 20% of sellers and 15% of buyers and it went substantially downhill from there. In the greater Seattle area it was even higher; 40% representing sellers and 36% representing buyers. It was also an easy decision because after interviewing some members of my sphere of influence (again, just a fancy word for “people I know”) and asking them what company they felt had the most reputable name, they all said Windermere. End of story.

I apologize now if I suddenly become one of those people who is constantly talking about what they do and who they work for but I can’t help it. I’ve never been so excited about all the possibilities that lie ahead! Oh, and back to the beginning of my post. My new email address is cerdman@windermere.com. Pass it on!

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