What really sells a home?

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There is no doubt that it takes a village to sell a home. Well, not literally but from the moment a seller signs on the dotted line there are many people to contact and many things to check off on the listing agent’s check list. Marketing, signs, flyers, pictures, open houses to schedule, clients to contact, websites to set up…and the list goes on. But what is it that really sells a home? The marketing, the agent, the timing, the price? All of the above? Let me tell you what I think.

First and foremost, a home has to be priced well. If its too high there is no amount of marketing that will sell that home nor is there is an agent good enough or experienced enough to sell an overpriced home. You can hire a skywriter, put on a commercial during an episode of Modern Family or advertise it on the jumbo tron at Safeco Field but it still won’t sell. So to me, I would say price is numero uno.

Almost as important is good marketing. With over 90% of buyers searching online, not only does it have to be good marketing, it has to be the right marketing. These days its more YouTube, Facebook and Twitter and less Seattle Times. Its about a combination of social media and Internet sites and less about real estate magazines. When I get a listing it gets assigned its own webpage, facebook page, YouTube video and of course I will blog and tweet it to death. I will even put a QR code on your flyer (Don’t know QR yet? You will!) You have to be where buyers are looking and there’s not doubt they are looking online.

So what gets buyers off line and into your home? High quality photos. If your house doesn’t look good online it will get passed up. I also hear from my buyers that they think its rather skeptical when there are limited photos of a home. So I solve that by hiring a professional photographer to take a plethora of high quality photos (I’ve always wanted to use the word “plethora” in a sentence.)

Timing is important so if you are thinking of getting your home on the market I will tell you there is no better time than now! And if it’s a good agent you are looking for, you have found one. Tweet me, ping me, IM me, facebook me, text me, heck…you can even CALL me and I’ll actually answer! So what are you waiting for? Let’s get your home sold!

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  1. Sheila says:

    It sure does take a village. But when Cara is the Mayor of that village the process is so much easier to navigate.

    You rock the village.


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