What I’ve learned from facebook

| Wednesday, June 1st, 2011 | 1 Comment »

Let’s face it, facebook is a gargantuan source of information. Not only can you find out everything you ever wanted to know about your colleagues or your long lost elementary school friends, you may learn things about your family that you didn’t even know. For example, facebook may be the first to tell you your cousin is getting married or that your favorite aunt on your dad’s side is moving to Florida (these are both phony by the way so if any of my relatives are reading this, please don’t panic). Yes, I’m not ashamed to admit that I could probably win a trivia contest based on things I have learned about all of you from facebook. Sad or impressive? I’ll go with impressive.

Ok, we’ve determined it’s obvious you can learn a lot about people on facebook (duh, I think that was kind of the point of inventing the site) but here’s what else I love. I actually consider facebook the best way to stay up to date on current events. Let me break it down: I have over 500 friends, all with different interests and different ideas about what links you consider post-worthy. So with a quick scan each day of all the links my friends post, I pretty much know everything I need to know for that day. Am I embarrassed to admit that facebook is where I first caught wind of the Tsunami in Japan or the launch of the last space shuttle? Should I pretend I read the Wall Street Journal to keep up on what is trending with mortgage interest rates or what is happening with housing affordability? Well guess what, facebook is the easiest and most convenient way to be in the know and I’m not one bit embarrassed. You know the term“one stop shop?” That’s how I feel about facebook. With so many of you posting such great links on such a wide variety of relevant topics, I feel much more educated than I did when I stuck to reading SeattleTimes.com every day or god forbid buying an actual newspaper. So thank you facebook. And congratulations to the 31,000 residents and 200 businesses that were annexed into my hometown of Kirkland today. Another little nugget I learned from facebook!

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  1. Sheila says:

    Spot on, sister!
    Love The Facebook!

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