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Ever heard of a neighborhood specialist? You know, the brokers that claim to know everything there is to know about a certain neighborhood or area? That’s a good thing right? It’s like going to a Toyota dealer and buying from a salesman that really knows about Toyotas. Or going to the Apple store because you are only interested in an Apple product. But what if you are selling your home in one area and buying your home in another? Or what if you haven’t narrowed down an area and are open to several? Don’t you kind of want the Nordstrom of agents who sells the stuff YOU want and knows a lot about ALL of it? Now its time for my 2 cents.

There have been a very small number of times where I’ve been turned down by a seller because I don’t “specialize in their area.” Luckily growing up here I consider myself an expert in all areas in King and Snohomish County but there are still those sellers that want “the specialist.” Unfortunately, there is not much I can do but wish them luck and move on. However, let’s look at it from my point of view. My job is to find you the perfect home or sell the heck out of your home. Period. And because I work with buyers and sellers all over and because I’m from here (we’re talking 30-odd years of learning the area!) there is not much I don’t know or can’t find out very easily. In my opinion working hard to find the home of your dreams or working hard to sell your home sometimes doesn’t have anything to do with being a neighborhood specialist. In fact, the word specialist almost sounds a bit limiting dontcha think?

So my advice to all you buyers and sellers out there is not to pick an agent only because they are a specialist. Pick an agent who knows the market, will work hard, listen to you, and help you achieve your goals. If you are buying in Seattle and selling in Lynwood, you can even use 2 different agents if it makes you feel better. And if you need me to be an expert in Everett and an expert in Snoqualmie, by golly I can do that! Because I will work hard to get you what you want no matter what the zip code is!

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