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What do roofs, gutters, hot water heaters, and furnaces have in common? Besides the fact that they all have an “s” at the end, they are all pretty critical components of a home that need to be in working order at all times. There are many others components that also fall into this category that I’ve so lovingly named “the unglamorous items.”

Spending money on these items is about as much fun as standing in the pouring rain and freezing cold at your son’s soccer game watching them lose 6-0 through the steady drops of rain dripping from your umbrella. Not so much fun. It’s not rewarding like putting in a fancy refrigerator or redoing your kitchen countertops with a gorgeous slab of granite and not nearly as noticeable as a beautiful paint job but it must be done from time to time. If you’re a seller its really not fun to do it on a home you’re about to put on the market and if you’re a buyer it’s especially not fun to spend money on these items after you’ve just paid an arm and a leg for your the home but either way someone has to suffer through it.

The bottom line: if there are unglamorous items that need attention the seller should either replace them, provide a credit to the buyer or make sure the listing price reflects the condition of these items.  If you try to hide them, an inspector will most likely find them. If you honestly didn’t know they needed attention, an inspector will have no problem bringing it to everyone’s attention.

On a side note, now is a good time of year to go walk through your yard and look UP. Including myself, I’ve talked to 4 people lately who didn’t realize they had a dead tree in their yard. Not a dying tree or an unhealthy tree but a real bit-the-dust-already-gone-no hope-left kind of dead tree that could be a real dangerous situation once we get our first good Northwest windstorm of the season. So go check it out. Just another way Cara in the House is looking out for all you current and future homeowners out there!

**Special thanks to my friend Garth, the unglamorous model appearing on the cover of the magazine in the photo above.


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  1. Ginger says:

    Hey thanks for the reminder — I read your post this week and called the gutter dude to come out…

    Yes, the unglamorous indeed…I would much rather be picking out granite. Well, not really because I find that unglamorous too! 🙂

    p.s. Garth is a hottie.

  2. Daniel says:

    ok,Cara in the House…

    only you could make a post about the unglamorous funny.


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