The garage

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More often than not clients looking for a new home tend to specify that a garage is very important. If you are a buyer you tend to stay away from homes without a garage and if you’re a seller who has a home without a garage you tend to hype up the other great aspects of your home. Why is a garage so important?

Today’s modern family tends to have a large SUV, a sedan and plenty of other “toys” that need a home.  A garage is also a convenient place to store lawn equipment or an extra fridge or freezer, a MUST if you shop at Costco! If you have kids you quickly realize that you accumulate all kinds of wheels (bikes, scooters, skateboards) and unless you want your yard to look like a junkyard or you don’t mind bicycles hanging from your dining room ceiling, a garage serves a huge purpose for storing these kinds of things. 

Then I came across something in a book that made me wonder if we would live more simply without a garage? Would it cause us to only keep what is absolutely necessary and stop storing all that JUNK we don’t need? You know you’re guilty of hanging onto computer boxes, old skis you’ll never use, kids boots that are 2 sizes too small and Christmas decorations you don’t use but can’t bring yourself to throw out. When I just took a quick peek in my garage I saw 3 tennis rackets (haven’t played in at least 5 years), a pair of roller blades (never used…ever), and the computer box from a computer we no longer own. So the quote says “The average American two-car garage is 25% bigger than the average Tokyo home.”  Hmm…so now what do you think of that garage?

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