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Last week in my every-other-Monday staff meeting where I religiously sit in the back row in the exact same chair with my coffee and notes balances strategically on my lap, I heard some pretty interesting statistics. The topic was technology and what Windermere is doing to help its agents stay up to date on the latest technology. By the way, we are no longer called agents; we are brokers. Anyway, not important. What is important are the statistics which I will share with you. (Unfortunately I can’t share the source of these stats because I didn’t write it down and since I can barely read what I write anyway, it probably wouldn’t have mattered if I had wrote it down or not.)

1. Only 18% of agents follow up with their clients after their transaction is complete. Say what? What are the other 82% doing? If I either sold you a home or sold your home and you haven’t heard from me since, you have my permission to egg my house. I love to follow up with my clients and see how they like their house or what they did with that one room that was painted bright pink and had green carpeting when they bought it. I truly like my clients and since you spend so much time together for the duration of the transaction I think it would be weird to just stop communicating.

2. Only 11% of buyers and sellers used the same agent on their next transaction. Say what? That seems staggeringly low to me (if staggeringly is even a word). I guess probably in large part due to number 1 but that still surprises me. I guess agents can’t always please every client and of course we should account for people moving out of the area or agents retiring but still. How many of you have used the same agent?

3. 15% of my sphere of influence (fancy way of saying people I see and talk to on a regular basis) will buy or sell this year.  If you are one of them and you want an agent who will follow up with you after your home closes and one that will work so hard that you wouldn’t dream of using another agent on your next go-around, that agent is me!

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  1. Dan Holmen says:

    If that 15% holds true in our gym you should have some business cards down there.

    and… I think you meant to say “that broker is me!”

  2. ginger says:

    Seriously? Those are some interesting stats. But, those will never be your stats because you are indeed the Queen Communicator and Follow-Through-er.

    Hope I’m in your 15% this year!


  3. Sheila says:

    HA! Love Dan’s comment.


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