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The best part about my job (besides the people) is seeing houses. Who honestly doesn’t love to go into someone else’s house with complete permission to look around? You can critique their layout, their décor, their ability to keep their home clean, their location and their neighborhood without any repercussions. But more than that, it’s fun to see how trends have come and gone over the years.

Remember when red paint was IT? Ok, I admit I still have 2 red rooms but I do not pride myself on having any decorating ability whatsoever and those of you that know me are nodding your heads in complete agreement right now. Nowadays clients ooh and ahh over neutral walls that aren’t white and aren’t dark but are just kinda NOT boring.

Remember when granite was in? It’s definitely not out but I see clients get more excited over butcher-block counters than granite. The consensus with my pickier buyers is that granite is hard to keep clean.

Remember when ceiling fans were popular (ok, me either). I’ve shown a couple homes lately with ceiling fans and buyers look at them like they can’t even imagine what that contraption could possibly be used for. Air conditioning is all the rage these days.

Remember when people used entertainment centers (and of course I still do) but now if a TV is not hung on a wall with zero cords showing and all equipment hidden buyers seem irritated. And also remember when there was some sort of mathematical equation that told you what size TV to get according to the size of the room where you were putting the TV? I think that was either lost or destroyed because the size of the TV’s I’ve seen in homes lately are ENORMOUS.

Remember when formal living rooms and dining rooms were in? Ok, you got me there. Were they ever in?? In fact if you ask most buyers they would prefer not to have either one and would rather have bigger kitchens and living rooms. In fact, when I show a house with the great room concept and no formal rooms whatsoever, buyers instantly make a comment about what a great floor plan the home has.

So to recap, if you want a buyer to love your home you must do the following: paint over the red walls, install butcher block, immediately tear down all ceiling fans, tidy up your TV cords and all the junk that goes along with it and somehow draw more attention to your kitchen and living room instead of your formal rooms if you have them (I have no idea how that’s possible, it just sounded good). And for more fun trend updates, stay tuned to my blog at all times.

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