Must-have accessories for real estate agents this winter

| Sunday, November 21st, 2010 | 1 Comment »

Being a real estate agent in the fall and winter is very different from summer and spring. First off, the time change requires all showings be completed before 5 o’clock otherwise its pitch dark and you are fumbling around an unfamiliar house feeling for light switches and trying not to trip over anything. Being that most people work until 5 and its not always possible to see homes before it gets dark, I will be wearing a giant headlamp from now until May. I may look a little like a spelunker but at least I’ll be able to see the keyhole to unlock the front door.

In today’s market it’s very common to show at least one bank owned home to every client. Often times these bank owned homes are “winterized” meaning the bank has cut back on the utilities and the houses are extremely cold. I will be wearing a down coat and Uggs to all showings from now until May. I apologize if this comes across unprofessional but a warm agent is a happy agent.

With all the rain and possibly snow this time of year, it is more common to find water leaks than in the dead of summer. So from now until May I will be carrying a moisture meter to check for areas of possible water damage. I haven’t actually bought one yet but I am planning to and I think I will really impress a lot of clients!

Headlamps, warm clothes and moisture meters are my must-have accessories this winter. How about you?

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One Comment

  1. Judy says:

    LOL! I’m an agent in Michigan and I just stumbled across your blog…Couldn’t agree with you more – a warm agent is a happy agent.

    I’d add that I always offer my clients a run to Starbucks on these dreary days — a warm, caffeinated client is a happy client.

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