Media coverage can be bad for biz

| Monday, January 3rd, 2011 | 1 Comment »

In a recent poll, realtors were asked if negative media coverage about home ownership has affected their ability to sell homes. Not surprisingly, 92% of agents that responded said yes. Whenever anyone asks me how the market is doing they ask it with this I’m-so-sorry-your-dog-just-died tone. The pity just oozes out of their pores and they cast their gaze downward in anticipation of what they think is going to be bad news. However, when I respond with my positive polly attitude, they perk up like I’ve just told them I had a terrible disease but now I’m cured.  Happens every time!

Yes, the media has definitely thrown home ownership under the bus these last few years but depending on the area and the agent, all hope is not lost. My business has increased each year that I’ve been an agent and every day when I log onto my agent website, I can see that there are homes that have sold and new homes that are going on the market. It may not compare to years past but if you price a home right, it will eventually sell.

What has changed is the amount of distressed properties and people that cannot sell their homes for what they owe. It’s an unfortunate time for many homeowners and there is no denying that. However, there are still homes with equity, buyers who qualify to purchase homes even with the tightened mortgage regulations and agents who are still out there everyday making it happen.

Bottom line: don’t always believe what you hear on TV. Agents are a great resource and even if you aren’t buying or selling, I’d be happy to tell you how the market is doing in your area!

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  1. Janice says:

    Definitely! The media doesn’t want to acknowledge the bright spots because those articles are less attention-grabbing. Maybe we need to start a campaign to “like” any positive (but true) articles/broadcasts so that they’ll see there’s a market?

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