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I’ve always enjoyed reading the marketing remarks for a home that’s for sale. If you don’t know what I’m referring to I simply mean the description of the home that you read either online or on the flyers. Now that I’m an agent I especially love reading them and then actually going into the home. Sometimes you find the marketing remarks don’t do the home justice. For example, “gas fireplace” doesn’t begin to describe the gorgeous massive stone fireplace that is the centerpiece of the whole home. But the fun begins when the description makes it sound WAY better than it really is. Like how a “cozy” home can really be just a tiny home or how “convenient location close to everything” can mean you can walk to 7-11. Or if there really isn’t anything nice to say about the yard it might be described as a “low maintenance yard.” There are also the ones that point out highlights that really aren’t highlights such as “high speed internet.” Hmm, I don’t know why this is something that would help a buyer become more interested in a home. For some reason it reminds me of the iPhone app that helps you locate a payphone from your phone. Think about that: finding a payphone from. your. phone. Really not necessary.  For the most part the marketing remarks are extremely helpful but I do find that it’s best to read these with a grain of salt. Same goes for pictures. When in doubt call me and we’ll go see it with our own eyes!

If you’ve read a funny one lately, please share!

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  1. Sheila says:

    Cara — Love this post —

    Here’s one I actually read today — “Close to Costco.”

    Really?! There are people who WANT to live close to Costco.

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