iPad vs. iPhone

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There are some things you will never catch me doing. I will never sell you a home I don’t think is a good fit. I will never answer one of your questions unless I am entirely sure of the answer. And I will never go anywhere without my iPhone. Duh.

Its absolutely no secret how much I love my phone. I love playing on it, I love talking about it and I love when people that have them tell me about new apps or other cool things I can do with my phone. They are an amazing tool and asset to any business. For me, I can instantly get emails, texts and access to the internet. I can also use my real estate apps to obtain information on homes for sale when I’m out showing houses and don’t have a computer in front of me. The possibilities are endless. Again, duh. But I’m finding that at least a couple times a week people ask me when I’m going to get the iPad. Hmmm…isn’t that just an oversized version of the phone I’m already very fond of?

So, what would the benefits of having an iPad be for me as a real estate agent? For those of you that have them (especially Realtors), is there something I’m missing? I honestly don’t know. Will it improve my business, increase my clientele or get more people through my listings? If so, I’ll run out and buy one today. But if it can do all the things my iPhone does but with a bigger screen, I’ll stick to my iPhone. It seems a little redundant to have both but that’s just me. In a way it’s like having a second child; you never think you can love the second one as much as you love the first. I guess if I were to ever get the iPad I could learn to love it the way I love my phone. But first I need a good reason to get one!

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