Internet, email and cell phones…oh my!

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I realize I’m getting older and not just because the other day I gave a young teenage driver the evil eye for driving too fast down the street in front of my house. I realize I’m getting older because I’m starting to say things like “do you know what life was like before cell phones and Internet?” I honestly think about that almost every day, especially with my job as a real estate agent. Yesterday when I was looking through my files I found the purchase and sale agreement (aka “the offer”) for the first house Jeff and I bought. It was handwritten and it was a carbon copy. I was stunned! How on earth would I survive in my job today without technology? First of all, with my poor handwriting someone could think they are buying a home for $275,000 in Bothell but due to my illegible handwriting, the bank might read it as $575,000 in Bellevue. Secondly, how did buyers find houses that were for sale? According to the Association of Realtors, 90% of buyers start their search online. Where did they find these homes back in the good old days?

Well the good news for all of us is that we have the Internet, email and cell phones. Sellers: rest assured that when your home goes on the market, it gets put on every agency website and real estate-related website that exists. Buyers: rest assured that you can probably go to any of the above-mentioned websites and find a plethora of homes for sale. And agents: rest assured you will never have to put forth any energy into handwriting anything except your signature or have to know who the pink, yellow and white copies go to.

Now, what does this mean for me? Is it really all this simple? No, of course it isn’t. Another fun fact: it can take 6-18 months to convert to a transaction. That means I have to do my best to keep in communication with you, negotiate for you, and make sure you’ve seen every house you want to see within those 6-18 months. Does it just end there? Nope. I know you are also looking to me for knowledge: “Is this a good investment? What am I not seeing here? Are the schools in this area going to be good for my kids? Can you give me the name of a good lender?” And guess what, I can answer those! If you’re a seller, hopefully it doesn’t take that long but it still means I have to do my best to provide you with my knowledge about the market, have excellent marketing skills and negotiate to get you the best deal possible. And guess what, I can do that too!

Bottom line: technology is great but a good agent is even better!

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  1. lisa says:

    A good agent… and there's no app for that!

  2. liver says:

    Cara i cant belive you gave a teenager the evil eye! i can just picture you doing that!

  3. TPoirot says:

    it's awesome your both a great agent & savy with that iphone :0) very crazy how times have changed! it's bittersweet…kids are way less engaged in family dinner/trips…ect. finding the balance for adults is hard enough- now trying to teach that to kids~ let me know your formula!

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