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This mostly applies to you “eastsiders” but by all means, please read no matter where you live or want to live! When you decide that you want to move to the eastside, how do you search? Do you give your agent zip codes, cities, or radius searches from the schools where you want your kids to go? I’m wondering why sometimes there are good homes that get overlooked.

For example, this fantastic home in Kenmore is priced to sell. It’s been beautifully updated throughout, undergone (or is it underwent…not sure!) a remodel that doubled the square footage and is in a great school district. I know activity is picking up but why is this house continually overlooked? I’ve sold similar homes in Bothell and Kirkland in less time. Is it because it’s Kenmore and people forget about Kenmore? Do most buyers think of the eastside as Kirkland, Redmond, Bellevue, Bothell, Woodinville and Issaquah only? Because guess what, Kenmore is pretty great too. If you know anyone moving to the eastside make sure they know about Kenmore. It’s obviously a well kept secret that needs to be let out of the bag.

To see this listing, click here.

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  1. Sonja Gardner says:

    Since I went to and work in the Northshore School District, this was a big priority for my family when we decided we needed a bigger house. We also wanted to be close to my parents in Bothell since they are watching the kids while I work. We did a lot of searching on the internet through websites such as Zillow and also gave our agent a specific area and price to search for. We did find a potential house in Kenmore, but the taxes were quite a bit higher and it was close to a busy street, which we didn’t like. We finally found a house in Bothell for a good price in Spring!

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