Using Google Maps to Get Aerial Views of Homes

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As a potential home buyer I am quite thankful for the advancement in the search capabilities when looking at MLS listings. Over the last view months I have landed on the Windermere web site looking for prospective properties and homes for that next purchase. As a home buyer you can filter and save your search query entering in the home attributes that are most important for your home buying search.

For example, you can set your requirements for the following attributes:

  • Price range
  • Square footage
  • Lot size
  • Number of bedrooms
  • Number of bathrooms
  • Type of structure
  • Location

Most listings include photos of the home and if you are lucky views of the property as well. However, what if you wanted more intelligence about the home? What if you wanted to see the layout of the neighborhood and how your prospective home fits within that neighborhood? Well you can take advantage of a great search engine tool that can provide you with aerial views of homes.

I bet some of you are having an “a-ha” moment because I bet most of you have heard of or used the satellite feature of Google Maps. Maybe you have not thought of using that feature when you are home buying, but it is a spectacular tool in your arsenal for evaluating potential homes.

For those that have not utilized Google Maps here is a step by step guide using Google Maps to get an aerial view of a current listing.

First you must cut and paste the exact address of the home you want to buy in Google. The first search result should be a picture of a mini-map and the home address hyperlinked in blue font color. Click on the linked address.

Google Maps Aerial View

The default view setting for Google Maps is the Map view which displays a basic map of roads, bodies of water and landmarks. You now want to click on the Satellite feature in the upper right corner of the Map view (Check out the red box in the image below).

Aerial View

Now you have an aerial view of the home you are thinking of buying. You can zoom in or zoom out with the slider feature on the left side of the map. The “A” pinpoint marker indicates the exact home of the address you entered as the search query. In this case the search query was 13508 95th Ave. NE Kirkland, WA 98034 which I circled in red for this post.

Aerial View of Homes

Hope that tip helps you with your home buying search as much as it has helped my search.

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  1. Great post Garth! That is a very valuable tool and I appreciate you sharing it with my peeps!

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