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Fingers forming a hashtag symbol isolated on white backgroundIt’s called the pound sign, although we mostly call it the “number sign,” and now it is part of the hashtag trend. While some may get “hashtag” confused with the price tag on the gram they just bought at the marijuana shop, most now know that # before a string of words is a topic link used in social media.

Hashtags are everywhere and quite honestly I find them fun.  A really good hashtag is like a funny punchline to a joke. Some of my favorites are #crapnamesforpubs: where everyone knows your name because you are the only one here, or #arelationshipisover: when you gotta go on Maury! And who can forget the brilliant clip of Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake having a conversation in hashtags?

Now in the world of real estate it’s a little trickier to be creative with hashtags but that doesn’t mean I’m not trying. On my Instagram page (follow me at instagram.com/carainthehouse!!) I have a new hashtag I like to use called #realbadrealestate. Take a look for some eye opening posts! And if you’ve come across anything you consider “real bad real estate” please send it my way!

Why in the heck should you care about #realestate #hashtags? Think of it as another way to search for homes. Just like with Facebook, real estate agents are utilizing Instagram to showcase their listings (and themselves!). Check out #kirklandrealestate , #bellevuerealestate and for fun you can even browse #manhattanrealestate! I predict Instagram will become another way for buyers to search for homes; you can thank me later for bringing this to your attention.

As usual if you have a #hometosell or are looking for a #hometobuy, @carainthehouse can help! #callme #textme or follow me on Instagram @carainthehouse!


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  1. hannah says:

    Love it! Just found you on IG, thanks for the heads up.

  2. Cara Erdman says:

    Thank you Hannah! #bff

  3. Sheila says:


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