Go Seattle Go!

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Unknown The Seattle Seahawks are the talk of the town. People are jumping on the Hawks bandwagon quicker than _________ (insert really witty football metaphor here which I am not capable of even after browsing online for 20 minutes). Let’s just say they are popular. (I like to pat myself on the back since I’ve literally been a fan since 1984 and still have the Steve Largent Wheaties cereal box at my parent’s house.) But you know what else is popular? Real estate in Seattle. Even now as rain is gushing from every direction and all the soccer moms have dug out their Hunter rain boots from the backs of their closet as they watch their little kids run around a muddy soccer field…you get the picture. And I for one am happy that it’s still going strong. Much like the Seattle Seahawks. Here’s how they are similar.

1. The Seahawks have had a history of ups and downs and right now they are straight up awesome. Seattle real estate has been down a similar road of highs and lows and right now it’s riding a pretty good high. Prices have risen and allowed a lot of folks to come out from being underwater on their mortgage and be able to sell their house and buy a new one. This year more clients both bought and sold a home with me than in years past.

2. BOOM! The Seahawks’ defense has been nicknamed the Legion of Boom because of their bad-assery and their ability to shut down the opposing offense (Is that a correct football term because it sounds like it to me? If not, don’t correct me. Just let me think I know a little something about the sport!) The job industry in Seattle is also booming and in turn keeping our real estate market active. Amazon, Microsoft, Boeing, Google, Starbucks…does it get any more healthy as far as major corporations bringing jobs to the Seattle area? BOOM!

3. They are both green. Whoever had a hand in choosing the Seahawks’ current uniforms needs a major pat on the back. Kudos to a job well done. They are AWE.SOME. The Seattle area is also “green. “ (Ok, this comparison might be a bit of stretch but bear with me.) Seattle draws people in because of its outdoor friendly activities, its love for recycling and the increasing popularity of builders to “go green.” (yep, total stretch!)

4. Competitiveness. It doesn’t get more competitive than our Seattle Seahawks. You saw them fight last Sunday for a miraculous come-from-behind-win that won’t soon be forgotten in this town! Our market is also competitive and one of the reasons our market is so strong. People want to live here and they want to take advantage of low interest rates so they are literally fighting over homes. You might see a slight slow down as the holidays approach but truthfully, I think this market will be ready to roll like a hot dog on a tailgater’s BBQ as soon as the holidays are behind us.

5. Russell Wilson and Cara in the House. Both superstars of the game.

Folks, whether you’re the 12th man rooting for your home team, or the 12th offer on a home, hang on. It’s gonna be a wild ride.


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  1. Vlasta says:

    I agree! Especially with #5.

  2. Janice says:

    I want to see your comparison of roller derby and real estate next.

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