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#keepingitrealeastate: #hashtag #blogpost

| October 27th, 2015 | 3 Comments »

Fingers forming a hashtag symbol isolated on white backgroundIt’s called the pound sign, although we mostly call it the “number sign,” and now it is part of the hashtag trend. While some may get “hashtag” confused with the price tag on the gram they just bought at the marijuana shop, most now know that # before a string of words is a topic link used in social media.

Hashtags are everywhere and quite honestly I find them fun.  A really good hashtag is like a funny punchline to a joke. Some of my favorites are #crapnamesforpubs: where everyone knows your name because you are the only one here, or #arelationshipisover: when you gotta go on Maury! And who can forget the brilliant clip of Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake having a conversation in hashtags?

Now in the world of real estate it’s a little trickier to be creative with hashtags but that doesn’t mean I’m not trying. On my Instagram page (follow me at!!) I have a new hashtag I like to use called #realbadrealestate. Take a look for some eye opening posts! And if you’ve come across anything you consider “real bad real estate” please send it my way!

Why in the heck should you care about #realestate #hashtags? Think of it as another way to search for homes. Just like with Facebook, real estate agents are utilizing Instagram to showcase their listings (and themselves!). Check out #kirklandrealestate , #bellevuerealestate and for fun you can even browse #manhattanrealestate! I predict Instagram will become another way for buyers to search for homes; you can thank me later for bringing this to your attention.

As usual if you have a #hometosell or are looking for a #hometobuy, @carainthehouse can help! #callme #textme or follow me on Instagram @carainthehouse!


Hold ’em or fold ’em

| September 8th, 2015 | 5 Comments »

It might be cooler out but that doesn’t mean memories of sweating in the heat don’t haunt me. (Ok, what really haunts me is knowing that all my neighbors got steady views of my three – yes, three – window AC units sticking out cardboard-framed windows.)  On my fall agenda, besides finding storage for my air conditioning units, is helping buyers find – and get – their dream home. The weather may have cooled but the market still remains hot.

If you are a seller your job is easy. Call me and let’s put your home on the market. If you are a buyer, listen to me. And Kenny Rogers.

Know when to hold ‘em
Know when to walk away
Know when to run.

Not every house, no matter how much you love it, is worth writing an offer. There have been several houses in Bellevue recently that received more than 20 offers and sold for hundreds of thousands over the asking price. And sometimes, even though you put together one heck of an offer, a high flyer comes along with an all-cash offer and a quick close and rides into the sunset.

You never count your money,
When you’re sittin’ at the table.

That’s right. You count your money LONG before you write an offer. Have your finances in order and your pre-approval letter in hand. Know how much you can offer, how much you can put down for earnest money and how large of a down payment you can afford.  And these days? Go with the notion that bigger is better.

If you’re gonna learn to play the game, boy,
You gotta learn to play it right.

Your biggest ace is having an experienced agent up your sleeve. We’ve been on the front lines and we know how to fight. We can help you win because we know how to read the cards.  If you tell me this is the house you can’t live without, I will help you write a competitive offer and teach you all the tricks I’ve learned to hit the jackpot.

It’s not easy being a buyer but I can help. Let’s talk. I’m sure it’s what Kenny would want.


Tracking the Eastside market

| July 16th, 2015 | No Comments »

In the mood for some fun, informative reading that also features gorgeous photography of our region and properties? Look no further than the current Eastside Market Review here. My listing in Squak Mountain is featured in the middle of page 8, but I can help you buy any of these homes! Click anywhere on a property’s description for more details. Enjoy!

Eastside Market Review, 2015 Quarter 2




Setting the stage

| May 11th, 2015 | No Comments »

rsz_562411When I looked up the definition of staging in the dictionary I found this: “to produce or show publicly on or as if on the stage.” Two things are true about this: Looking up a word on in 2015 is WAYYYY faster than looking it up in an actual dictionary in 1988; and, that is a good definition for real estate staging, too.

If you have ever bought or sold a home or at least watch HGTV you know that many times an agent recommends that a homeowner stages their home. If you’ve ever bought, sold or watched HGTV you also knows that this either well received or goes over like a stack of dictionaries because it is an added cost or they may just be attached to their flowered sofa. So let’s go with the option where the homeowner is totally cool with the idea.

If you have a vacant home, a home with a quirky layout or if you need to spruce up a room, a stager can work wonders.

My wonderful clients A & R gave me permission to use photos of their home showing the rooms staged vs. non-staged. In this case, the stager gave their house a more modern look, and gave a potential buyer ideas for how the different rooms could be utilized. !cid_96590C9E-641A-4396-8498-CB2AEEA37362@home !cid_6CA8ED13-1EBC-45AC-9D6A-1302A68BED07@home

Some homes have rooms with odd shapes and sizes and a stager can help buyers see practical uses for the room. Case in point: the photo above with the exercise machine and desk vs. the same photo showing the room being used as a cozy sitting room. Case in point: I like using the words “case in point.”

Studies show that vacant homes sell quicker and for more money when they are staged. Studies also show that sometimes I make up fake studies to sound really, really smart. But the concept makes sense, because staging makes a house shine in a new way and buyers respond to that.

I don’t always recommend staging but when I do I make sure your house sells! Here are more “before and after” photos of this same home.


Living room pre-staging.



Living room post-staging.


Clean it up! Shredding, recycling and hazardous waste events offered.

| April 13th, 2015 | No Comments »

rsz_erecycle_imageGot clutter? Whether it is unneeded financial documents, an old printer, or old chemicals, these events will help you dispose of them: free shredding, free appliance & electronics recycling, and hazardous waste disposal.


spring 2015 shredding spring 2015 recycle spring 2015 hazmat