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Networking. It’s fun.

| January 15th, 2012 | 2 Comments »

At the very beginning of my real estate career I considered “networking” to be meeting my friends at the park or Starbucks (with our kids) and if we happened to touch on the topic of real estate that was a huge plus. If we didn’t, at least I could tell my husband I spent my day out and about with real people. I also considered “business attire” to be my good Lulu Lemon sweats instead of my cheap Fred Meyer knock-offs. That was also when the market sucked and there was virtually no business to be had, especially for someone who got their real estate license the same day the market tanked.

Fast forward a few years and somewhere along the way I decided I really, really liked real estate and enjoyed actual networking and if the topic of real estate didn’t come up I would be more than disappointed.  I stopped wanting to talk about teaching and kids (topics I was more than familiar with) and began wanting to talk real estate (a topic I was becoming more and more confident with).  Instead of dreading the question “how’s the real estate market” I found myself hoping someone would ask. So today when I stare out at the snow (who at the moment is being an awesome babysitter for my kids and not costing me a dime) I am reflecting on my networking and how to move forward with it in the new year.

The beauty of networking is that you can meet with people you like at places you like during times that work for your schedule. And depending on who it is, you may even be able to get away with wearing your Lulu Lemon pants and your Uggs. Networking is definitely on my to-do list this year and I’ve already got a good start! Text me or facebook me if you’re up for some networking. And if you need to use our networking as “networking” just to show your husband or your boss that you are out meeting with actual people, I’m cool with that!

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