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| Monday, April 11th, 2011 | 4 Comments »

When I set up my blog I had every intention of keeping it personal, real and spoken from the heart (well technically it’s written not spoken but that’s neither here nor there!) I didn’t want it to become boring or stagnant and I strive hard to keep it fresh and entertaining while trying to stay informative. I realize not everyone is in the market to buy or sell a home so periodically I like to write posts that are less real estate and more me. This is one of those posts.

You know how you can sometimes have a day or week that’s filled with ups and downs and you go from being deflated to encouraged in a matter of 60 seconds? Trust me, it’s nothing devastating like an earthquake so I realize everything will seem small in comparison and a little complain-ey but I’ll share anyway. I lost a listing I interviewed for, had both grandfathers undergo surgery and had an overall feeling of being “good” at everything but not “great” at anything. Wanting to be in better shape, wanting to make more money, wanting to be a better parent…all that pressure I know some of you can relate to. Dontcha just hate that feeling?

Then all of a sudden you have one moment that changes everything and it brings all the good to the surface. I was giving a friend this sob story for god knows what reason and he says “but you’re the nicest person I know.” Wow.

So then I thought that if I’m going to be remembered for being anything it certainly isn’t being rich or fit. If I’m remembered for being a nice person than I’m one lucky gal. So here’s to all the good lately: a successful closing (congratulations to my good friends the Towle’s), personal messages from people telling me how much they like my blog, healthy grandparents, and despite extremely low rankings in my crossfit competition, I now know that I can clean and jerk 112 lbs. which is just fine by me (means I have a few more years of being able to pick up my kids and throw them around!)

Cheers to the good things in life!

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  1. Angie says:

    Totally hear ya lady! It’s tough to look on the bright side all the time (although it is easier if it’s sunny). You truly are nice & there’s a lot of people that couldn’t clean & jerk 112 lbs. 🙂

  2. Janice says:

    Yup. A good reminder for us perfectionists. Thanks for that!

  3. LB says:

    That is fabulous and inspiring! And you ARE nice !

  4. kim says:

    You are definately one of my very FAVORITE people (even if I am a horrible friend and haven’t seen you in such a long time!) And you can definately clean & jerk more than me! Missing you ….

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