Can you imagine?

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When it comes to homes that need TLC, there are generally 2 types of buyers. The first type is the kind that can imagine the home in pristine condition. They can imagine new carpet, new paint, a more modern kitchen, or a more functional bathroom. In other words, they can look past the negative aspects of a house and can immediately picture exactly what TLC needs to be done to make the home right for them. And they can do this all without stressing out.

Then there are the buyers that take one step inside a home and can’t get past the smell of animals, ripped carpet or bright purple walls. They need a little more hand-holding and a little more help in the imagination department. There is nothing wrong with these buyers and quite honestly it can be fun to see the light bulb go off when you give them some ideas of improvements they could make to the house.

It’s no secret that there are more and more foreclosures and short sales on the market than ever before and chances are most of them are going to require some amount of TLC. As an agent it’s important to first decide which category your buyers fall into and then to make sure the non-imaginative buyers don’t immediately dismiss a home because they think its damaged goods. If clients are open to your opinion, have ideas ready or examples of homes you’ve been in that have had work done. If possible, take the buyers to these homes and show them how a little TLC can go a long way. For the imagination-challenged buyer I often ask if they have a friend or relative with some creativity that can give their input. Chances are most of us know someone who has good decorating sense or works in construction and has ideas to share. There is always somebody out there who is going to have a better imagination than you. It reminds me of a scenario I watched unfold at a park the other day. Two boys were playing cops and robbers and one boy told the other to show his badge to the policeman or he would get electrocuted. The other boy (who definitely fell into the imagination-challenged category) could absolutely not imagine what badge he was supposed to show or where the policeman was, and the expression on his face led me to believe he was actually afraid he may in fact get electrocuted. I hope when this boy grows up and buys his first house, he has a good agent that will help him imagine all the possibilities in a home!

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