Bye-bye Jacuzzi tub!

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Sometimes the reasons you buy a house end up to be the very same things you would change about the house after you’ve lived in it for a few years. For instance, the two things I loved about the house when we first bought it were the 2nd staircase and the Jacuzzi tub. Now that second staircase drives me crazy being that it leads up to an open bonus room which allows us to hear every board game, video game, card game and tattle-tale game the kids are playing. But it seemed so cool and cutting edge at the time. The Jacuzzi tub on the other hand seemed great for someone like me who loves to take baths. However, I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve used it including the one time I didn’t fill it up high enough and water shot across the entire bathroom and drenched myself, 2 kids and the dog. Funny how things change once you’ve lived in a house for 8 years.

Today I was reading an article on MSN Real Estate titled “8 Most Overrated Home Projects” (click here to read the article) and the first one on the list made me laugh out loud! I could not agree more and often wish I could take that Jacuzzi tub and make it into an oversized, walk-in shower. This made me wonder how many other people have this experience. Or maybe it’s the opposite: the things you hated about the house when you bought it end up being some of your favorite features. Either way, my advice to new homebuyers is to ask around. With facebook, texting, and email (and Skype for those lucky ones with the new iPhone 4) it takes no time at all to ask an opinion. In fact one of my clients did a great job with that while her home was being built. She proposed several questions via facebook: Double oven or one oven with a microwave? Air conditioning or no air conditioning? It’s a great way to decide if the things you love are really going to be worth it in the long run or if the things you hate are going to matter 8 years later. And if you ask me for my opinion, I will tell you to stay away from Jacuzzi tubs and 2nd staircases!

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