5 signs that it’s a good time to sell

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I read an article recently with the exact title that I am titling this post. I read the article and then reread it again (its ok I was in the bath and needed an excuse to stay in a little longer). Then I scanned it a third time because something was missing. Throughout the entire article I was waiting for the number 1. to appear because then I would know the 5 signs were about to begin and that was my whole reason for reading the article. Well that and so I could read it and then doctor it up in my own words and pass it off to you as an original blog post. Kidding. Anyway, I never saw the number 1. nor did I see numbers 2-5 and the very last line in the story said this: “Regardless of the economic indicators, the best time to sell is when its right for you.” Wait, what??

Ok normally that would be an ok way to end a story AS LONG AS YOU PROVIDED THE 5 SIGNS THAT IT’S A GOOD TIME TO SELL in a very clear and outlined manner. I was so disappointed and I knew I could do a better job so here goes my version of the 5 signs that it’s a good time to sell.

1. (see how this makes it clear the five signs are beginning and you need to pay attention starting now.)
“For Sale” signs go up and shortly after they come down. That generally is a good indicator that homes are. in. fact. selling. Plus that’s an easy way for all of us to gauge home sales.

2. Pick up a newspaper, magazine or open up your browser and search the term real estate. You will no doubt come across lots of articles talking about low inventory, low interest rates and buyers buying homes. This is not rocket science.

3. Ask a broker. We are experts. We will tell you how many homes have sold, what they have sold for, what the price per square foot was, what percentage of the list price the home sold for, and how long it sat on the market. And we like to talk about this. A lot. So if you have been around anyone who is a broker or anyone buying or selling a home you will no doubt hear them say that buyers are buying so it’s a real good time to sell.

4. Inventory is low. There are just not enough homes coming on the market so it’s creating bidding wars, escalation clauses and homes selling at or above asking price. If you are a seller and you price your home right (this is the key), you will probably have an easy time selling your home.

5. Rates are still very, very, very low. Like under 4%. That is low.

I hope these 5 easy-to-understand signs that it’s a good time to sell have been helpful and if you are a seller that read this and now feels the need to get your house on the market, please call me!

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