New year, same old resolutions?

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resolution scaleWell, it’s a few days into the new year and I’m not drinking any more water than I resolved to drink. But, I am watching way more TV than I resolved to watch so things are on track. The new year is a good time to start fresh, make some plans, throw out a resolution or two, and see if you can make this year that much better than the last.

One of the favorite resolutions I’ve seen so far is to shop local. I’ll probably steal that one.  I also saw one that involved less swearing but to hell with that. Weight loss, new career, get healthy, eat vegan…. the list goes on and on but if your goal is to buy or sell a house this year, here is a list of must-do resolutions. {side note: these are basically just really good resolutions for everyday life that just so happen to work in the real estate world.}

  1. Resolve to get organized.
    Buying and selling are not easy decisions and it will require you to be organized. If you’re buying be prepared to hand over every piece of documentation you’ve acquired over the last two years plus a blood sample. Not really but it’s going to feel like it. If you are selling, you better get that house in order including cleaning out the dreaded junk drawers, kids’ closets and gasp!… the garage.
  2. Resolve to be a good communicator.
    Buying and selling involves lots and lots of communication. At the very least you will be talking to a mortgage broker, real estate broker, financial advisor, inspector, probably a handyman and don’t forget your family. Some days will involve so much communication you will be glad you didn’t give up swearing. Also get used to text and email. Lots of it.
  3. Resolve to learn some relaxation techniques.
    I don’t care if your house sells in one day or your offer gets accepted on your dream house, there are bound to be bumps in the road. Just like any major life decision, there are going to be moments of stress. Exercise, meditate, massages, swearing, alcohol – do whatever helps you cope (I don’t judge).
  4. Resolve to listen more.
    Especially to me if I’m your agent. Think of me as your tour guide looking out for your best interests by pointing out all the potential pitfalls, dangers and those bumps in the road. I won’t steer you wrong. Also listen to your family, your friends and maybe your co-workers if you’ve got good ones. Just don’t listen to Steve Harvey.
  5. Resolve to look on the bright side/smile more/don’t sweat the small stuff/see the good in people/{insert other similar clichés here}.

 In conclusion, I hope everyone has a wonderful 2016! And if your plans this year involve buying or selling, I hope I’m first on your list of people to call. Or text. Or email. Namaste.

>Photo credit to Jeff Golden from via Flikr.


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  1. Sheila says:

    Great tips even if you aren’t selling a house.

    Thanks for making me crack up while also providing me with great info.

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