10 things you didn’t know about Duvall

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Duval Home for Sale

In honor of my new listing in Duvall, here’s another top ten list brought to you by Cara in the House. Drum roll please…

10. If you’re trying to eat healthier, Duvall is definitely the place for you. There are no fast food restaurants within Duvall city limits. However, there is a Subway if you simply must get food in a hurry.

9. If you are concerned about safety you will be glad to know that potato guns and silly string have been banned from their famous “Duvall Days” festival. Phew!

8. The center of present-day town was located on a hillside homesteaded by Francis and James Duvall, loggers who arrived in 1871. Too bad it wasn’t settled by the actor Robert Duvall as that would’ve been way more dramatic and possibly made into a movie. Nonetheless, it’s still important to know a city’s history.

7. Duvall is actually much closer than you think. It’s roughly 8 miles to Redmond or Target, whichever is more important to you.

6. According to the Duvall Chamber of Commerce, it is one of the safest cities in King County (probably in large part because of #9 above).

5. Duvall has a very strong community feel. Case in point: the Duvall Firefighter’s Pancake Breakfast (June 5th if you want to check it out).

4. Worried about your kids spending too much time indoors playing video games? Duvall is host to many outdoor festivities such as the art walk, Farmer’s Market, movies in the park, Country Livin’ Festival, 5K/10K runs and of course the Snoqualmie Valley Trail for all your biking and hiking needs.

3. Even though it has a small town feel, there are 2 Starbucks in Duvall so you can rest assured knowing your grande, half caf, no whip, 3 pump, white chocolate, extra hot mocha is never out of reach.

2. Gosh darnit, there are some nice folks in Duvall. I should know, I was one of them. We lived (and still own) a home in Duvall and can honestly say it’s a very friendly town.

1. Whether you’re coming or going, the drive to and from Duvall is always beautiful. If you’re looking to come to Duvall to stay, you must check out my new listing: Cara in the House Duvall listing

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  1. hannah says:

    What about those schools? Good I hear. That could be #0.

  2. Cara Erdman says:

    I have heard the same about the schools. I think maybe you want to move to Duvall!

  3. Lisa Kieffer says:

    Too bad you already sold us a house we love or we’d check this out based on wit alone!

  4. I just realized I can comment on your blog from here! LOL. LOVE your writing style – always so refreshing!
    I work with a couple of women that live in Duvall and they love it there!

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